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Overview of Idea

unEDit America is a not-for-profit photography project aimed to spread awareness regarding eating disorders, the media's influence on eating disorders, and to help those struggling with these disorders recover. It was inspired by my initial photography project that helped me recover from bulimia.

The Specifics: What will the $5,000 fund?

It will help to take my project nationwide. I plan on photographing people affecting by eating disorders all across our nation in order to raise awareness and help people recover. The $5,000 will go to travel expenses, studio costs if necessary, and model payment if necessary.

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wow ! grate idea wish you the best ..

by ganesh
over 1 year ago | Reply

wow ! grate idea wish you the best ..

by ganesh
over 1 year ago | Reply

I wish you the best in this project Nyx. You should be very proud. I hope your message brings support and healing to more women suffering from this disorder.

by elisa.delapenanagle
over 1 year ago | Reply

It's good to see that you're doing great things Nyx. Good luck - Nick Synstelien

by nsynstelien
over 1 year ago | Reply

Such a courageous project and a great idea that could impact so many! Proud of you, Nyx!

by kadespotes
over 1 year ago | Reply

Great idea. I shared it on all my social media accounts. Good luck~Brian Cuban

by bcuban
over 1 year ago | Reply

You are an inspiration to so many people..so proud of your project and wish you the best.

by Kmaclean
over 1 year ago | Reply

Nyx, you connect beautifully with your face-to-face video, I'm really looking forward to seeing your project develop, so many people would feel immediately better by watching you talk about this. xo Thyra

by thyra.endicott
over 1 year ago | Reply

best of luck Nyx! this is an amazing project and i support you 110% :]

by beckyleee
over 1 year ago | Reply

This is an amazing project, Nyx. Good luck!

by virginiagriffey
over 1 year ago | Reply

Great job Nyx! I hope this idea breaks through and shines bright! will be supporting this the whole way through!

by BrillO
over 1 year ago | Reply

I love how bold and visceral this project is- you've taken an issue that is all too frequently ignored and addressed it openly and honestly. But above all I love the medium; what a great statement to show how photography can be used as a means to instill self-love and inspire beauty when it is presented in its raw, unaltered form. Go for the gold lass!

by katielp1
over 1 year ago | Reply

Great work so far Nyx, and I can tell you've got big plans! Keep up the amazing effort. My sister suffered from an eating disorder for several months when she was in college. I think a project like yours could help people heal and share their stories with comfort and confidence.

by ryoung3
over 1 year ago | Reply

I admire your courage to speak up about your own eating disorder, and your determination to help others overcome their own. Good luck!

by wendy.m.marroquin
over 1 year ago | Reply

Wow! This is a really good project.

by amezcuafelipe
over 1 year ago | Reply

Wonderful project Nyx, I have great respect for your bravery in putting your own bare issues out for your project in photographs, good luck! I'd love to see this develop whether or not you win the grant !

by esau.hamadanyan
over 1 year ago | Reply

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