'Round the World in 80 Days

idea by asha_lester
'Round the World in 80 Days

Overview of Idea


A sort of pen-pal club for kids around the world. The envelopes contain a letter and a drawing from children in one location to kids somewhere else. In each place the drawings will receive an exhibition, then be returned to the children they were mailed to, if that child keeps the mail-cycle going!

The Specifics: What will the $5,000 fund?

This will be a series of events taking place in different locations around the globe. I will begin it in the NYC metro area and it will continue to 3 other countries and then back. Its purpose will be to help children connect with each other across hundreds of miles by sharing their art and culture, and to make them curious about what's around the bend.

The Grant will pay for:
-Stamps/envelopes/stationary/art supplies.
-International phone calls between me (organizer of each pen-pal event and exhibition) and whoever my on-the-ground contact is in each of the other locations who will be facilitating the events.

The exhibitions will be held in homes or other free community locations. Its more sustainable & fosters community!

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