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The Charity Music organization collects donated musical instruments and provides them to at-risk and disadvantaged youth. Many donated Instruments received are beyond repair. We would like to create a 12-foot high all brass Christmas Tree made entirely of unrepairable brass musical instruments.

The Specifics: What will the $5,000 fund?

Individuals, as well as musical instrument manufacturers have been very generous in donating instruments. We currently have over 45 unrepairable brass musical instruments on hand.
The funds would be used as follows:
1) Create Cad Cam construction drawing of brass instrument tree
2) Plan and develop brass tree construction specifications
3) Construct brass instrument tree
4) Create and produce brass instrument tree promotional materials

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Wednesday, July 11

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Wednesday, August 08
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Thursday, August 09

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Flint Local 432 - Production Improvements
Flint Local 432 - Production Improvements

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Thursday, August 23

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