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Ultimately? We want to erase the stigma associated with mental illness. To do our part toward that goal, we run a monthly competition that supports emerging filmmakers who are creating compelling, high-quality short films about mental health and then get those films in front of of college students.

The Specifics: What will the $5,000 fund?

$5,000 will do a lot! If we win, Art With Impact will be able to fund three full months of our short film contest!

Specifically, $1,000/month will go to the winning filmmaker. $200 will be used for direct outreach to filmmakers, $400 will go to the coordination with the jurors and administration of the award, and $100 will go to promotion of the winning film.

Art With Impact’s monthly short film contest a) identifies and rewards filmmakers creating meaningful short films on mental health, and b) gets the films seen by college students through events at colleges, run in partnership with student groups and local service organizations.

With your vote, we will support artists and decrease stigma around mental illness.

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Submission Began
Wednesday, July 11

Submission Ended
Wednesday, August 08
at 12:00 PM PDT

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Voting Began
Thursday, August 09

Voting Ended
Thursday, August 23
at 12:00 PM PDT

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Flint Local 432 - Production Improvements
Flint Local 432 - Production Improvements

Winner Announced
Thursday, August 23

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