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Help us share diverse cultures at the Shoreline Arts Festival. A third of our community is minorities including Asian, Latino, Middle Eastern/N African. We’ll bring arts, cultural, and performing groups to our annual celebration with 10,000+ attendance.

The Specifics: What will the $5,000 fund?

Cultural rooms with hands-on activities, displays, storytelling, workshops: $1600

Stage performances / workshops: $2600

Production (including sound, AV, equipment): $800

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About the Shoreline-Lake Forest Park Arts Council: Art has long held a starring role in the quality of life in these communities. In 1989, a group of people seeking to enhance their community formed the Shoreline Arts Council to support, present, and encourage the arts in Shoreline and Lake Forest Park. This nonprofit, community-based organization enriches the life of every resident by not only promoting public awareness of the arts, but by making art available in all its forms.

As the premier arts coordinator and sponsor, the non-profit Arts Council continues to bring a wide variety of art experiences to Shoreline and Lake Forest Park with performance series such as Arts in Culture, the Children’s Series and summer Concerts in the Parks. These programs deliver quality music, dance and theater to our communities.The Gallery at Shoreline Center presented exhibits featuring artists representing virtually every medium from paint, to fiber, to photography, to sculpture. We moved our Gallery to Lake Forest Park Towne Centre in 2009, and now have a wonderful space there on the lower level next to the escalator. We also coordinate quarterly exhibits at the new Shoreline City Hall.

For one weekend in June, the Shoreline Arts Festival brings all the arts together to a crescendo bursting with creative energy and life. The celebration offers a feast for the mind, ears and eyes and invites the community to become part of the arts with hands-on participation. Music, dance and theater, visual arts, crafts and food are all part of the Festival. Our free Concerts in the Parks on the Showmobile Stage are a much anticipated part of summer

Since 1993, the Arts Council has provided an Artists-in-Residence programs in the public schools; and supports local cultural organizations such as the Shoreline Concert Band, Choir of the Sound and Filipiniana through a Community Awards program.

The Arts Council also collaborates with other agencies such as the libraries, Shoreline Community College, the Shoreline-Lake Forest Park Senior Center and Shoreline Historical Museum and the Cities of Shoreline and Lake Forest Park to ensure a wealth of quality arts experiences throughout the year.

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