Youth Unity Music Movement (YUMM): Sustainable Community Development Through Music

idea by mbhagberg
Youth Unity Music Movement (YUMM): Sustainable Community Development Through Music




Overview of Idea


To bring together numerous youth across various divides to physically co-create music as well as simultaneously, metaphysically co-create a consciousness incorporating the values inherent within music, effectively augmenting their individual and collective capacities for meaningful participation.

The Specifics: What will the $5,000 fund?

Contrary to sports where a dominant athlete can assume authority within the group, music requires a more nuanced, collective, and sustainable development model. Such funding will provide the physical capital necessary to initiate such an entrepreneurial endeavor. Specifically, these funds will be used to support monthly workshops for Ghanian youth to physically co-create music and metaphysically co-create and cultivate shared responsibilities, collective action, and sustainable impact. Through such co-creation these youth will be mobilized to become active agents of change within their communities, initiating appropriate community service events in their respective communities by harnessing and exercising the values expressed through music.

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Flint Local 432 - Production Improvements
Flint Local 432 - Production Improvements

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