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Our current free program takes the art van to neighborhoods. A small trailer would allow staff to expand the program & go to more locations and more days year round, thus serving more young people in our community. This would allow the program expand for our city's youthful, emerging artists.

The Specifics: What will the $5,000 fund?

The money would be specifically for supplies, promotion, and a small trailer that could attach to our utility van. A stipend would be made available to professional artists/arts educators to facilitate the classes. Supplies would range from simple art supplies to more advanced items including specialty papers, canvases, pastels, charcoals, acrylics, oils and watercolors. During our spring, summer, and fall in NE Illinois the ARTS PARK van would reach out to neighborhood parks then during the winter months free weekly classes would be offered at our visual arts building. Waukegan's poverty level (2010) is at 13.9% & the school district shows 77.3% are low-income students. These children deserve the gift of art without the worry of $$$.

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Thanks to everyone for their support .... we appreciate each and every vote.

by claudia.freeman1
over 1 year ago | Reply

Many larger cities do this and have great success. Good luck with your idea!

by bo.green.12
over 1 year ago | Reply

My vote just made this go from #25 to #24, what can your vote do for an amazing program.

by billpaterson13
over 1 year ago | Reply

Keep the votes coming folks, we have 4 days left to get this done, tell your friends, family, neighbors, co workers, people you do not even like to vote for this awesome opportunity for the youth in Waukegan!

by kboehm1313
over 1 year ago | Reply

Let's keep the votes coming! The Waukegan Park District Cultural Arts Division needs our help to bring quality programs to the community!

by LisaMay
over 1 year ago | Reply

What a great program you bring to the community! Thank you for everything you do CAD staff!

by kboehm1313
over 1 year ago | Reply

The Jack Benny Center for the Arts is the home to the Waukegan Park District's Cultural Arts Division. We are very proud to provide wonderful arts and culture programming to our residents and to those who live in surrounding communities. The CAD is the umbrella over the Waukegan Symphony Orchestra, the Waukegan Concert Chorus (two community based performance groups) and a professional theatre company. Bowen Park Theatre Company will be celebrating 25 years of providing exceptional theatre to our community.

Please help us in our re-building of visual arts to our young people. Recently we had a class "By Invitation" where a local art teacher selected 10 students to have an intensive experience over the summer. Check out our photo page on our Face Book- Jack Benny Center for the Arts.


We live in a "depressed" community BUT you would never know when you see the faces of the children in the community. We have some wonderfully talented young people and we just want to be sure we are providing them with the best opportunities.

by claudia.freeman1
over 1 year ago | Reply

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