Mariposa's Art Free Community Workshops

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Mariposa's Art Free Community Workshops




Overview of Idea


Mariposa’s Art provides model community service-learning after-school art and music programs and community workshops to our communities most under served youth. We focus on developing leadership and social skills, and promoting academic success and career development through the arts.

The Specifics: What will the $5,000 fund?

$5,000 would allow Mariposa's Art to provide ten different 4-hour workshops in our community with partnering educational and social organizations serving youth with limited access to arts participation - at no cost to the partnering organization.

Our arts workshops are relevant and engaging, and will provide youth with opportunities for self expression, practicing creativity and critical thinking, and at the same time projects promote social change. Projects range from community murals to specific lessons in a variety of visual arts mediums.

Each workshop would cost $500; $315 to pay the professional teaching artist to facilitate the workshop, and $185 for arts supplies.

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Mariposa’s Art believes in the power of education to create social change!

Our after-school programs provide strong mentoring programs that utilize visual art, music, dance, and creative writing. Our programs focus on key health issues including conflict resolution, career and college planning, self image, and boundary setting. We develop leadership skills in our youth through goal setting education; student-led community service projects; paid career development internships; and community art, music, and dance performances.

Our programs target youth who are in need of outreach. We work with a majority of migrant family youth and English Language learners. Many of our students are struggling with issues of gang involvement, the importance of school, and making positive life choices around sexuality, tobacco, alcohol, and drug use.

Mariposa’s Art programs have been specifically tailored to address the needs of the students we serve. The structure and goals of our programs include expanding students’ choices and awareness of career and college opportunities, helping them to improve their language speaking and writing skills, and allowing youth to strengthen their view of themselves and their capabilities.

Through our program, our youth are able to expand their definition of themselves, to see themselves as talented, amazing, unique individuals capable of accomplishing their goals and dreams. We give students the tools necessary to flourish as leaders and create action steps to bring their goals and dreams to life.

by sarah brothers
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