Spread the joy of the holiday season through our family event.

idea by tj.maclaskey
Spread the joy of the holiday season through our family event.




Overview of Idea


We share our art with large ice sculpture displays in our studio freezer, performance sculpture and more. We encourage participation with our gingerbread and ornament decorating. We sponsor the Great Texas Cookie decorating contest. We wish to add an area for artists and craftsmen to participate.

The Specifics: What will the $5,000 fund?

We need to replace the compressor on our large freezer which broke down this year. This will enable us to do that and continue to bring the joy of the season by providing a place for families to spend some time together and create long lasting memories; decorating gingerbread men and making ornaments they will cherish a lifetime. Professionals, students and regular folks paritcipate in the cookie decorating contest, exhibiting their skills and learning new ones. They will be able to see large Christmas ice sculpture displays not otherwise available in this area and watch a live ice sculpture performance. We will provide a venue for artists and craftsmen to display and sell their wares.

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