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Hawaii Island Network of Artists



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Overview of Idea

The Hawaii Island Network of Artists is a research report & website designed to discover the economic & social impact of visual artists; educate the world about the rich diversity of artists who live here; support our community of creative entrepreneurs; & help promote Hawaii as an arts destination.

The Specifics: What will the $5,000 fund?

The $5,000 dollars will fund hosting nine community meetings—one in each district of the Island—to learn from our arts community about their needs & encourage participation. (Estimated 40 hrs per meeting at a reduced rate of $15/hour for staff (plus volunteers from Volcano Art Center including CEO, board chair, and artists residing in the district) = a total of $5,400. Prior & during the meeting, staff hours are spent organizing the meeting & materials, & coordinating with community organizers & elected officials. Post-meeting, staff hours are expected to focus on data entry, following up with artist surveys and questions, data analysis & reporting, & ongoing website maintenance & public relations.) The project will be complete by 6/30/13.

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My husband ia a Old World Technique Artist and Luthier, Thom Breeze of Images of Paradise

by Images of Paradise
over 1 year ago | Reply

My husband is a sculptor and we both want to support your idea! Good lucK!

by julie.ziemelis
over 1 year ago | Reply

Mahalo, Julie! We hope your husband will take our survey and send in his info to be included on the website! Together, we can create a resource to support our creative community.

by TiffanyDeEtte
over 1 year ago | Reply

This is so much more than a great idea - it's a NECESSITY for Hawaii Island artists to help promote their work, protect their ability to make art for a living, preserve the rich cultural traditions of Hawaii, and unite as a collective force under a powerful nonprofit organization who truly cares for their well being. I am delighted to give you my vote!

by sarah.d.ferreira
over 1 year ago | Reply

Mahalo for your support and wonderful words, Sarah!

by TiffanyDeEtte
over 1 year ago | Reply

We are thrilled to launch The Hawaii Island Network of Artists project. Did you know that according to the 2006 NEA report 'Artists in the Workforce,' Hawaii ranks #3 per capita of the 50 states with fine artists and craftspeople? But that would mean there are only 270 visual artists on this Island. We are sure the actual number is a whole lot more!

by TiffanyDeEtte
over 1 year ago | Reply

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