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The City Love Project (CLP) is a free interactive public art show in highly trafficked public places within any given city. CLP is a platform for direct and positive engagement with people. CLP invites anyone and everyone to paint what you think your city loves.

The Specifics: What will the $5,000 fund?

We are offering San Diego a CLP experience throughout it’s neighborhoods.

A total of 3-5 CLP events will be completed over the course of 1-2 days in selected locations throughout San Diego.

The $5,000 will fund all logistical and supply costs including canvas, paints, brushes, music, video, photography, and more.

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Submission Began
Wednesday, July 11

Submission Ended
Wednesday, August 08
at 12:00 PM PDT

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Voting Began
Thursday, August 09

Voting Ended
Thursday, August 23
at 12:00 PM PDT

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Flint Local 432 - Production Improvements
Flint Local 432 - Production Improvements

Winner Announced
Thursday, August 23

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