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Art Connection is a non-profit after-school and summer work visual arts program for underserved high school students in North Little Rock, Arkansas. We provide a path for our youth to achieve higher education, citizen leadership and self-sufficiency through paid employment in the creative economy.

The Specifics: What will the $5,000 fund?

Art Connection benefits the community by reducing juvenile crime, increasing high school graduation levels and increasing college enrollment. Funding will enable our students to create their first community mural: explore their creativity, put their positive stamp on society and have a sense of ownership of their work. This project will empower and transform these teens to develop as leaders and innovators. The $5K will pay for paint and art supplies. Connecting with their community teaches them the value of respect, responsibility and relationships. In turn, local citizens realize that youth have a vision and a voice. Seeing their art on display will sow the seeds of self-worth as they begin this amazing discovery of endless possibilities!

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Flint Local 432 - Production Improvements
Flint Local 432 - Production Improvements

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